Annovating facilitates smartwatch data management and consultancy services.

  • Data filing and data processing
  • Data security services
Wellbeing Packages
Wellbeing Packages

We offer the following standard well-being packages. Packages as indicated below are being anticipated.

Processing Packages:

  • Heart rate variations 
  • Metabolism      
  • Youth wellbeing                 
  • Obese prevention 
  • Asthma (Share your Asthma data)

Link to our parner: Astma Kompas

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selfb WebApp
selfb WebApp

The selfb WebApp is the interface you need to transfer data from your smartwatch to the filing facility. Data subjects can view, modify and erase their data via the webapp portal. Subscribe to our WebApp ( if you would like to upload your Device data.

Your wellness data
Your wellness data

Wellness data concerning the human body comprise of vital signs, non vital human parameters and external physical parameters. Depending of the smartwatch purchased data can be transfered to the filing system.

Data processing
Data processing

We offer the following services:

1/ Development of machine learning tools for dedicated purposes

2/ Analysis of your own fitness tracker wellness data

3/ Graphics production

Send an e-mail for a detailed proposal to:

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Annovating Consultancy delivers consultancy services related to the following subjects:

  • Fitness tracker selection
  • Pilot project setup
  • Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

You can simply subscribe to our services by sending a mail to


Rijswijk, Zuid Holland

Terms of Service
Terms of Service

Annovating B.V will request a written consent before you can have your data processed.

In the written consent you will be asked to declare the following:

1/ I do give explicit and unconditional consent to retrieve, store and analyze my personal data;

2/ I have in no way been requested to process this consent under pressure of the circumstances or whatsoever;

3/ I declare that there is no dependent position in relation to Annovating B.V;

4/ It is clear that my (heart rate) data will be processed with the aim to identify specific patterns but that neither these patterns nor their significance are clear yet;

5/ All data retrieved from my personal fitness tracker or smartwatch account can, after my consent to its manufacturer, be processed by Annovating B.V and its registered affiliates for the purpose as described in clause 4/

6/ I know that the data processed, comprises a.o time series data collected by my fitness tracker. Depending on the type of fitness tracker these data may encompass: heart rate data, heart rate variability data, body temperature data, blood pressure data, GSR data, GPS data, sleep data, activity data and nutrition data;

7/ I know and acknowledge that Annovating B.V and their registered affiliates do process my data strictly confidential;

8/ I agree that my data will be stored by Annovating until 31/12/2020 or longer after my renewed consent for doing so.

9/ I know that after my request to do so ALL my data collected by Annovating B.V. will be deleted within 2 weeks;

10/ I know that my e-mail address and name will be stored in an encrypted format. 

11/ I understand that a limited risk does exist that my time series data might will hacked and can be stolen;

12/ I know that Annovating B.V has a subscription with id 1652337 at the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens in the Netherlands

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